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Dance Acro Massage DAM With Michael Kebles

DAM DanceAcroMassage 😊🤸‍♀️

Exploring the endless possibilities of deep connection in play with oneanother! 


In this sort of connected play we get a chance to really feel one another to support and be supported! There will also be a 30 minute group discussion on 
Mental Welness choosing death and living life - Inspired by the passing of several close friends that transitioned from the physical quickly. Choosing Death. 
If you hover in this area I can help!!! There will be a longer discussion on a group chosen day regarding the art of astral travel!!! Here also I can show you just how easy this is and how it can answer many questions. 

Let’s Re-Member together! 

**7-9pm every Tuesday**
$10 to 15 sliding scale.