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Winter Solstice Ceremony and Gong Bath / Brian D

We will open the evening sharing our voices into the space with an intention circle and complete the ceremony with a grounding circle offering healthy snacks prepared by Noelle of Conscious Kitchen.

Doors will open at 7:10pm and we encourage you to bring comfortable nesting items (pillows, blankets, sleeping pad/yoga mat), an eye covering, a water bottle, and a journal. Only 22 tickets will be available and 50% of ticket sales will go to supporting Turtle Island Ecosocial Design in replanting endangered Alerce trees in Southern Chile. You may reserve your spot here:

“The Sacred Peruvian Whistling Vessels are possibly the oldest biofeedback device known to man. The Inca started producing ceramic whistling bottles in 500 B.C and continued for 2000 years, until shortly after the Spanish conquest of Peru in 1532. The original vessels are 500 or more years old. They were made on the north and central coasts and highlands of Peru.

In 1972 Daniel Statnekov, from the United States, had a chance encounter with a Pre-Columbian Peruvian whistling vessel at a country auction that had a life changing impact on him. Much of the research about the whistling vessels is a result of his work. Archaeologists thought that they were clay water bottles or a type of toy or novelty until Daniel Statnekov proved their true use.

The whistling vessels create a “beat frequency” which elevates consciousness and enhances body functions. When you blow a group of them tuned to similar frequencies, they create binaural beats. Binaural beats are used to balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain while creating a wonderful sense of well-being. “

We will have a set of eight vessels made from molds that Statnekov created and one ancient vessel that will be incorporated. We are limited participant capacity to 22; if you would like to be one of the eight who plays the vessels please arrive early and choose a spot in the circle with one of the vessels.

It is ideal for the player of a vessel to be attentive to the direction of their breath to enable their whistle to produce the best harmonics. The slow, directed breath allows the player to relax and helps them to journey with the sound. It is also necessary for the player to listen to the other players in the group, therefore becoming less conscious of ‘self’ and more aware of the group energy. Even if you are not playing, the sounds can still produce amazing effects and receivers have also had powerful experiences.

“Consider the sound of the hummingbird as it flies or hovers overhead; a low pulsating flutter, as if a large night butterfly – drawn to a light – beat its powdered wings against the glass. The hummingbird’s sound is unique in nature, but – interestingly – the Chimu knew how to reproduce it. Following a tradition that had existed for more than a thousand years, Chimu potters fashioned ingenious ceramic bottles that whistle when you blow into them, and when played in concert, create a sound that is most succinctly described as the low fluttering sound of a hummingbird in flight. ” Daniel Statnekov

Jai Gobind is a Spiritual Leader, teacher and musician. She is passionate about helping people awaken to their full potential. Her music inspires spiritual growth and healing. She hosts two online meditation and spiritual healing academies to help you discover your daily spiritual path. You can find her online at as well as in live broadcasts on the @PeriscopeTV app.

Brian Dickinson is a lover of mother earth and optimizer of the human experience. He supports individuals and regenerative communities in feeling at peace and thriving through the use of sound therapy, herbal alchemy, and alternative technologies. He has studied the art of sound healing with Grand Gong Master Don Conreaux and has completed a Sacred Earth Apprenticeship with Starhawk. He shares vibrational experiences in individual sessions, ceremonies, and corporate settings. You can find out more and schedule individual or group sessions at

Event artwork by A Third Fire: The Art of Matthew Fredricey, "The Ecstasy of Illumination" 2017

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