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The She-Wolf Shimmy with Lauren Pass ($5-25)

Welcome to the She-Wolf Shimmy, a monthly dance refuge for the women and genderqueer people of our community. This is a wild space, where we are free to dance fiercely, erotically, tenderly, playfully, or to curl up and cry or snuggle. It's a watering hole where we come together to share the nourishment of life.
We begin each dance by finding the flow of life-force that is moving through each of us uniquely, and we witness the landscapes and creatures that are coming through each others' bodies. DOORS LOCK AT 2:45, when we begin a practice of attuning to each other on the dance floor, so that we can trust our knowing about when and how to dance together or give each other space. Then we dance, through slow and fast songs, sexy and fierce songs, sad and sweet songs. At the end of each She-Wolf Shimmy, we have time to sing, snuggle, feast, and connect with each other. 

WHO: This gender-intentional ecstatic dance welcomes people who identify as women, feminine, nonbinary, genderfluid, nonconforming, etc.. Children accompanied by participants are also invited. The dance is NOT open to people who identify as men or mostly masculine. We believe the benefits of this gathering will ripple through the whole community, so we ask our men-friends to bless us from afar. If you are uncertain if you're welcome, contact Gaia Surya, our (genderfluid) primary facilitator.

PLEASE BRING: at least one thick soft blanket per person, so we can rest and cuddle cozily. Bring a water bottle and food to share for after the dance, too.

COST: $5-25 sliding scale. We want this to be affordable to everyone.
If you feel drawn to help build an altar or a cuddle puddle for the She-Wolf Shimmy, your entry is free. Please contact Gaia Surya if you want to help, or if you're interested in DJing/making a playlist for a future dance. 

Yes, by popular request! Just not outside the dance studio.

If you are bringing a baby, a child, or a minor, keep in mind that anyone can be topless, and the structure is designed to invite erotic, fierce, and/or vulnerable expression. Please thoughtfully consider whether this environment is right for your child. Any children will be asked to participate in the structure, including the simple nonverbal attunement exercises, if they are old enough. We ask parents to communicate with their kids if they get uncomfortable or are overly intruding on someone's space, and we invite the whole group to do so; it takes a village.

HOW YOU CAN HELP: Spread the word! Tell all the ladies you know. Invite women who don't normally go to ecstatic dances. Reach out to your gender-bendy, femme, enby, and trans brethren. 

Gaia Surya / Eryn Joy is the "Mama Bear" and facilitator of the She-Wolf Shimmy, as well as the co-facilitator of Nourishing Our Feminine, a yummy biweekly gathering for women and genderqueer people. They are passionate about building community spaces where our bodies get deeply nourished together. They run a private coaching/healing practice in Boulder, and regularly lead events and groups themed around somatic support, eco-sensuality, boundaries and attunement, rewilding, shadow work, magic, and embodying the inner feminine and masculine. Gaia is genderqueer and loves contact dancing and snuggling. 

Supporting Gaia is Lauren McWilliams, an attuned embodiment coach who leads The Field of Awakening, studies at the Radical Aliveness Institute, and has been practicing bodywork and craniosacral therapy for 11 years. Lauren is passionate about letting her life force-energy flow and supporting others to do the same, so that we may feel fully alive, free, in our power, in our bodies, and safe to show up with all of ourselves in connection. Co-creating and supporting containers like the She-Wolf Shimmy is in alignment with her passion and her body's love of boogying.