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Goddess Reiki Share with Meggin Sessions

We welcome Meg Sessions and the Goddess Reiki Share every 3rd Thursday of the month this year.

Cost: $12 at the door via PayPal online, Check, or Call Meg Sessions to do your credit card over the phone: 623.229.9505



The Goddess Reiki Share is a Women’s Group dedicated to celebrating the energy that radiates from this month by gathering, sharing, and healing the planet, our loved ones, and each other. Please RSVP at the Meetup Group page—there are 15 spots available each month. 

When we raise our vibrations with Reiki energy in present time and acknowledge our intentions, we align with the Divine and shift energies into their natural flow.

We’ll have the Crystal Reiki Grid ready when you arrive. Please feel free to bring your list of those who you would like to receive Distance Reiki through the grid during our powerful healing and space holding. You can always add to the list we have here already.

If you have something special that you keep on your altar to remind you of your personal power and how it is greatly needed in the world (you are a powerful healing source and a gift to the Universe!), the Reiki Crystal Grid is the perfect place to infuse it!

• Bring anything you'd like to be cleared and infused with Reiki energy to add to the grid: crystals, jewelry, letters, cards, a scarf—anything you'd like!

• We will be working on massage tables and yoga mats (for anyone who would rather be grounded on the mat during their Reiki session).