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Multi Dimensional Healing, Group Healing for Awakening

Spiritual transformation is a part of awakening to who we are." — Sri Mata Amritanadamayi Devi, ‘Amma’

Bring your intention and let go of expectation as the evolutionary energy of VortexHealing® of the Merlin lineage of magical transformation facilitates Source guided intelligence to deeply clear conditioned consciousness held on all levels of reality where we exist. Each group healing follows a proven, holistic formula of grounding, relaxing, energizing, releasing, re-patterning, awakening and integrating specifically designed to shift consciousness multi-dimensionally. Its this proven protocol that assists in breaking through the illusion of programming, shifting reality, raising consciousness, opening awareness, expanding our possibilities and activating our higher Self. Some may fall asleep, experience chills, itchiness, heat and even physical or emotional discomfort as unwanted energy is released. 

This sacred space of healing may benefit you in a host of ways: a profound healing tool, a Divine mirror, an amplifier for what is needed to enhance the journey, an interdimensional portal, a deeply grounding anchor, an expansive meditation, or an energizing integration. It can be heart-opening, scary, thrilling, deeply loving, awakening, activating, emotional, restful or purging -- depending on how we set our intention and what Source provides in the moment. Each and every time you attend, it will be different. Its in this space, we learn to let go of expectation and surrender.

NOTE: This healing IS a transformational healing. From the moment you decide to attend, the Divine can start preparing you. Strong emotions or synchronistic situations may arise to prepare you or you may even meet with resistance in attending. Bless it all as a gift and evolutionary message.

The purpose of every Multi Dimensional Healing IS Earthwork, helping raise the collective consciousness of the planet. Earthwork is a vital component to support the planet's shift away from disharmony and discord into balance, cooperation and peace - one person, one space, one group at a time. We are all connected as energy in the web of life, our development IS the Earth shift.

$30 Energy Exchange

Earlier Event: March 28
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