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Activate Your Light With Spirit Guides Magazine


This one-day retreat presented by Spirit Guides Magazine is designed to empower and brighten the light within you through ancient ceremony, intentional movement, and shamanic healing.

During this one-day event spent in ceremony and activation at The Vali Soul Sanctuary, you will be guided with direct experiences of your power and learn to trust its influence in your life. You will spend the day aligning with your highest destiny, harmonizing your solar and lunar frequencies, and vibrating with the universe’s support of your endeavors.

In this transformational gathering, you will experience and strengthen your own cosmic power via:

  • A cacao ceremony that will awaken your pineal and open your heart chakra
  • Kundalini yoga and gong meditation that will activate vitality within your cells and revitalize your nervous system
  • An intimate shamanic ceremony that will anchor your light and ignite cosmic forces within

Together we will set intentions, actively work through emotional blockages stored in the physical body, and learn to develop and better listen to our intuition.

You will leave invigorated for the path ahead! Whether it’s a project you need to charge up or a reminder of your freakin’ brilliance, this day will leave you infused with the love of the cosmos and the confidence that all possibilities lie within you.

A light, high-vibe lunch will be provided.


$123 per person includes:

  • Cacao ceremony
  • Kundalini yoga and gong meditation
  • Shamanic teaching and activation healing ceremony
  • A light, high-vibe lunch
  • A special gift from retreat hosts Spirit Guides Magazine
  • A day fostering relationships with likeminded seekers and healers in a gorgeous, spiritually attuned setting

No refunds on tickets.

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