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Earth, Water, Fire & Air Animism With Nicole

Earth, Water, Fire & Air is a monthly gathering that explores one of the elements on a rotating basis. It is a practical application of the energy of the element for learning, balance and personal healing and will include shared knowledge and direct felt-experience. This event is open to professional healers as well as novices/non-practitioners and is currently for women only. An emphasis is placed on connecting to the fire and water elements, as these elements are the most out-of-balance and needing of work for the majority of women. 

For May we will commune with the element of fire. Fire is an expansive energy associated with justice, liberation, warriorship, assertiveness, and empowerment. We will explore the fire element first with an informational component, then with a practical component of direct felt-experience, and end with grounding and a reflective piece for integration. 

Fire is a strong energy that often women are culturally denied. Reclaiming this part of yourself is a beautiful act of self-love.

Read below for further details about Earth, Water, Fire & Air.

About the host: Nicole was initiated & trained for three years as a priestess with the Tenda Espírita São Jorge Guerreiro in Brazil. Spiritually, she works with many currents of divinity, and her approach to healing is one of balance: of both growing your light and caring for your darkness. 

The cost is $25. You can use Paypal to reserve your spot or give cash or check at the door. To use Paypal, please go to Nicole’s website and click "Events:”

Bringing the energies of the earth, water, fire & air into greater balance inside yourself can shift a lot of stuck patterns, and we invite you to feel the power & beauty of the elements! For more information please contact Nicole at