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Birds of Paradise, Aum Prakash, YashAkasha, Buddha Bomb

Thunder Puma TONIGHT @ Vali Soul!

BIRDS OF PARADISE in Boulder, CO!!!!
with Aum Prakash & OmniLove
+ Medicinal Hip Hop Set by YashAkasha
& Ecstatic Dance with Buddha Bomb

Dancing? Healing? Transformation?
...All of the above, and so below...
Fun will be had.

After a Medicinal Hip Hop set by Emcee YashAkashaBirds of Paradiseand Aum Prakash will be performing fresh new material, coming straight from their highly anticipated collaboration project: THUNDER PUMA.

THUNDER PUMA is a magical new-paradigm fusion of ecstatic dance music and tribal psytrance by the internationally renowned DJ act: Birds of Paradise, combined with the Medicine Music, interdimensional sounds, and catchy, prayerful rhymes of M.C. Aum Prakash - the Hawaii-based musical genius and healing practitioner, who channels music heavily infused with sacred invocations, secret spells, ancient mantras, and indigenous Icaros from around the world (along with a dose of Medicinal Hip Hop vibes).

Visionary Live Painting with Amelia Passer and potential surprise guest TBA.

Sustainable fair-trade Shamanic marketplace, with rare handwoven clothing and apparel from the Peruvian Andes and one-of-a-kind indigenous artwork from Amazonian tribes in South America, as well as some Kemetic rings and items brought directly from the land of Egypt. Local music and art. Organic, ceremonial-grade Cacao should also be available. (More information coming soon)

"Pumas in Paradise"
(Subject to flow and evolution)

9:00PM - Doors
Live DJ dance set by local legend:
Buddha Bomb

9:30 - Medicinal Hip Hop Set with YashAkasha
Performing the debut album: Rapture

Presenting an exclusive sneak-peak of:
The Colorado Pre-release Party
Birds of Paradise Music:

About Aum Prakash & OmniLove

"Our prayer is that humanity awakens to the sacredness of life, and that we can all learn to live in peace and harmony and walk the Earth in a sacred way. We hope to reach out to all people for healing and awakening, and to support those who are protecting water and sacred traditions. Thank you to all the Elders and visionaries who have inspired us, to the minerals, plants, animals, humans, angels and all divine beings, and to the 7 sacred directions and the Elements."

Aum Prakash is healing facilitator and musician who blends sacred world music with world beats and conscious hip hop to inspire love and positivity in all he meets. OmniLove’s goal is to spread love to all and help humanity heal and awaken. Their goal is to share conscious music and positive vibrations for all.

About Amelia Passer Art

"Through my work, I strive to express the inexpressible. To give voice to that which cannot speak. Words are a limited form of expression. Through my art I aim to create a feeling which can only be conveyed through the image. Instead of trying to define this feeling, I invite you, the viewer to sit with the feeling, observe the feeling, and allow the feeling to transmute. 

My inspiration comes internally from my heART and externally from the eARTh. My goal is to merge these elements in a way that balances both. With this, I hope to inspire and uplift those who can see. Translating the love from the earth and the soul into a visual feeling. I am forever a student to this process, and I fully surrender to this service."

About Yash Akasha

Rootsy jams converge with cutting-edge rap lyrics. High-tech instrumentals meet the original art of emceeing. Spiritually esoteric lyrics blend with epically vibrating beats. YashAkasha’s Medicinal Hip Hop is born from an illicit love affair between the blazing flames of Hip Hop music and the inner depths of Initiatic wisdom. The lyrics remain deeply conscious and intentional while also staying defiantly true to the gritty roots of the Hip Hop movement as a spiritual and artistic revolution for the people. This is music meant for a New world where All people can turn up in the name of Peace and Unity.

Born to Jewish immigrants, Yasha is a renaissance being with a visionary spirit, who brings a spark of relentless passion to the planetary roundtable. He is a founder of Worldchangers Organization and the Blue Bird Black Cat Society as well as a Hip Hop Emcee and Energy-Worker. Over several years, he has traveled the world studying syncretic transformational practices, such as Taijiquan, and is an initiate of the ancient mystery schools, such as the Inayati-Maimuni Order.

About the event host: Worldchangers Organization

The Worldchangers Organization is a 501(c)3 public charity that is developing a Transformational School for spiritual growth and self-actualization. Our mission is to share Inner Peace with the people of Planet Earth at this key point in time.

Our long-distance three-step curriculum is designed to support young visionaries in activating presence, fulfilling their calling, and making their dreams come true. We also offer private trainings and workshops at our communal retreat centers, which are located on sacred land sanctuaries around the continent, as well as larger events and gatherings for the general public.

Our Dream Team specializes in building a network of bridges for the modern, inter-tribal application of ancient Initiatic Wisdom Traditions and in expanding consciousness through Holistic Ecopsychology and Integral, InterSpiritual, Nature-Based practices from around the world.

Munus Nostra Est Pax!
(Our Mission Is Peace)

(Providing light show)
Soundscape managed by Spectrum Audio Entertainment 

The Vali Soul Sanctuary
6717 Valmont Rd, 
Boulder, CO 80301

**Contact Yasha if you wish to volunteer, vend, paint, or contribute in any other way.