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Intro to Sensual Movement


Erin Andrus comes from a matrilineal line of dancers, but didn’t connect to her own dance until her mid-thirties. In fact she rebelled against all things that might be considered too “girly” throughout her teens. 
It wasn’t until she had a spontaneous awakening experience, sending her onto a path of intensive spiritual practices, that she started to explore what it really meant to be a soul living in a female body. Although so many great spiritual masters seemed to be men, she was always drawn to work with groups of women. 

She spent much of her twenties developing and teaching women’s meditation and healing classes, including classes on women’s body and health issues, and training other womens’ teachers. Erin’s spiritual practices continued on into her thirties, where she began rigorous training in deep regression therapy modalities and transpersonal healing work.

Her dance training began about ten years ago, with an intro pole dancing class a friend had invited her to. She cried through almost the entire warm up sequence. It brought the spiritual presence she had cultivated into a whole other dimension: awakening her body wisdom, and bringing her into the state of approval and passionate love of her own feminine nature that she had always been seeking. She instantly knew she had to teach this practice to other women. 

Currently, she brings the culmination of her training and experience in both energetic and physical realms into an evolving Sensual Movement practice. Her dream is to bring Sensual Movement to as many women as possible and create an intimate community of women who celebrate and love each other through dance and the exploration of femininity.

She moved to Boulder from the San Francisco Bay Area in January, and is looking forward to meeting all of you!