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Full Moon Kambo Medicine Sound Healing

As the full moon casts its energy upon the Earth, we will be hosting sound healing and kambo medicine ceremony. Experience the transformative effects of acate kambo frog medicine and sound therapy exclusively with master kambo practitioner Boa Cowee and world-renowned sound healer Kimba Arem.

Monday September 24th (1:00pm - 5:00pm) $250
Tuesday September 25th (1:00pm - 5:00pm) $250

Contact: by direct message, by phone 303-513-7097, or for more information and reservations.

Reservations for this event are filling quickly!

About the hosts:

BOA COWEE has been practicing acate kambo for over 15 years, learning firsthand from the Matses tribe of the Peruvian Amazon. She travels to the jungle twice a year to collect and prepare fresh plant medicine and to lead healing retreats and shamanic workshops. Boa brings over 25 years of clinical and plant medicine experience to her practices, products, and counseling.

KIMBA AREM is an international recording artist and engineer, molecular biologist, classically trained musician and professional performer. She has over two decades of spiritual and shamanic practices. Kimba has extensive experience and training in sound therapy, multiple forms of energy medicine, herbology, alchemy, homeopathy, nutrition, and supplement therapy.