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The She-Wolf Shimmy

The She-Wolf Shimmy

Saturday, January 26th 7-9:30pm

The She-Wolf Shimmy is a monthly dance refuge for the woman, fem and nonbinary people of our community. This is a wild space, where we are free to dance fiercely, erotically, tenderly, playfully, take a nap, cry, or snuggle. It's a watering hole where we come together to share the nourishment of life.

At 7:00pm, we start connecting to each other and dropping into our bodies. The opening exercises are different each time. Starting at 7:30pm, we free-dance through slow and fast songs, erotic and fierce songs, sad and sweet songs. Each playlist is designed to bring us through a journey. Anyone can dance topless. During the dance you are also invited to enjoy a relaxing lounge space, talk or cuddle with fellow she-wolves, go outside, read tarot cards, or make art. At the end of the dance, we have an additional 30 minutes to share, connect, and snack together. The She-Wolves often report that this is their favorite part.

On January 26th, our group will emphasize the use of friendly and nurturing touch to help us connect and feel nourished by our community.

WHO: This gender-intentional ecstatic dance welcomes people who identify as women, femme, nonbinary, genderfluid, etc. Trans women are heartily welcome. Children and minors accompanied by participants are also invited. The dance is NOT open to people who primarily identify as men or mostly masculine. We believe the benefits of this gathering will ripple through the whole community, so we ask our men-friends to bless us from afar. If you are uncertain if you're welcome, contact Lauren Pass Erickson via message or Amy Van Sweden at

PLEASE BRING: A water bottle, and food to share for after the dance.

COST: $5-25 sliding scale. We want this to be affordable to everyone.

Yes, by popular request! Just not outside the dance studio.

We have had kids and sometimes babies at many of these dances. To keep the focus on the feminine alive, though, please no boys over the age of 5. Children and minors are invited to participate in the structure and exercises if they are old enough. We ask parents to communicate with their kids throughout the event, so that they are comfortable and respectful in the space.


Lauren Pass Erickson is a dancer, artist, and teacher, currently pursuing her Masters in Somatic Counseling and Dance/Movement Therapy at Naropa University. She is also a certified facilitator of DANCEmandala, a free form movement mediation practice (more information at Lauren loves dancing, listening to wild or bizarre music, drawing, hiking, nesting, gardening, writing, reading Buddhist wisdom, rolling around on the floor, and sharing laughter. Her favorite part of the She-Wolf Shimmy is being able to immerse in an environment that is both spacious and intimate, without agenda or expectations, and full of whatever kind of nourishment is needed in the moment. She looks forward to fostering both silly playfulness and deep soulful dives in these gatherings.

Amy-la Lovely:
Hello beautiful beings, I’m A•LA Lovely (Amy Van Sweden) and I am honored to be co creating She Wolf Shimmy. This beautiful offering has gave me a place to be my sweet playful child self as well as embracing my primitive wild side. Dance is truly my medicine; it is where I die and become reborn again. Each movement in the dance I explore and reveal different parts of me as I dare to express openly and actively. I enjoy authentic movement, contact improv and trying new forms of expression. I especially love when dance evolves into cuddle puddles. When I am not dancing I’m co-creating with a non-profit called The Nowak Society, co-leading teen art therapy groups, attuning to sweet children, connecting with Earth Mother, admiring my beloved boa, diving deeper into shamanic and womb studies, conceiving empathic watercolor paintings, and cuddling.  

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