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Pelvic Oasis Women's Retreat

Pelvic Oasis : Women's Retreat October 12 & 13 at Vali Soul in Boulder CO

Claim your true power and open to a sacred relationship with yourself. It is time for women to have full ownership and sovereignty over their reproductive, pelvic & sexual health. This is a comprehensive journey fully equipped with female anatomy & science, a diverse blend of holistic healing lenses, tangible tools, guided self-practice / tools / gifts to take home, nourishing food & sacred space, sacred sexuality & the support of a group of women who want you to thrive.


· 2 Day, small group immersion: intimate, retreat experience with Alicia facilitating, Sydney supporting, and a group of women full of integrity who are all learning the same thing you are, group members are screened thoroughly. This is a self-practice retreat, while you will have the opportunity to process and be in a supportive container, all of the practices are you with yourself, there will be no partner bodywork exchange of any kind.

- uterine & abdominal massage
- deep organ healing
- guided practice of internal pelvic floor & cervix de-armoring & emotional release with tools available for purchase if you don't have them yet (massage wand & egg)
- expressive arts (movement & art therapeutic exercises) to circulate healing & express through your body

** Snacks will be provided but please bring a simple lunch (easy to digest)

PRE-REQUISITES (this is an active retreat with experiential learning / exercises, not just an educational / informational session):

- some experience with yourself or with another exploring conscious contact with your pelvis / genitals

- the ability to clearly communicate about your boundaries and needs

- the willingness to do practice with yourself, in your own space, with the choice to be covered, you’re not required to show your body to the group but we will be doing internal self-practice work to learn about your pelvic floor and cervix within your own private space (blankets, pillows)

The Vali Soul Sanctuary
6717 Valmont Rd Boulder CO 80301


Saturday October 12 , 10 am - 6 pm
10 am - 11 am : group landing, grounding, & orientation
11 am - 12 pm : the Spirit of the pelvic bowl lesson #1 & body movement circulation practice
1 pm - 2 pm : self to self session #1: internal pelvic floor work
2 pm - 3 pm : lunch , sharing , integration time & space for yourself
4 pm - 5 pm : emotional IQ & pelvic bowl healing, artwork experiential
5 pm - 6 pm : closing the day and space, grounding preparation for your evening and tomorrow’s work

Sunday October 13 , 9 am - 4 pm
10 am - 11 am : tuning into body & intentions for the day
11 am - 12 pm : womanhood artwork exercise , pelvic bowl healing meditation journey
1 pm - 2 pm : self to self session #2: internal cervix session
2 pm - 3 pm : lunch , sharing , integration time & space for yourself
4 pm - 5 pm : sacred sexuality , pelvic bowl mapping, redefining orgasm , and expanding to cosmic pleasure practices
5 pm - 6 pm : integration & closing the experience

** Alicia’s choice recommendation of self-practice wand to practice with and take home will be available for purchase at a reduced rate than retail sale price, if you do not already own a massage wand, you will need one to do the exercises, wands will be available to purchase for $70 (retail price $90)

** Registration will be CAPPED at 10 participants, this is a closed, small, intimate retreat experience

- $697 one time payment (new clients)
- $597 one time payment (current and past clients)

** Payment plans are available and you'll need to discuss this with Alicia, all payments need to be completed by the workshop date. A payment plan fee of 5% will be added to all payment plans. Please message Alicia to discuss a payment plan

- deposit of $297 is non-refundable for all registration types to hold your space
- All other retreat payments are refundable at 100% more than 2 weeks before the date of the retreat (minus the $297 deposit)
- Retreat payments are refundable at 50% within less than 2 weeks of the date of the retreat (minus the $297 deposit)
- Retreat payments are refundable at 25% within 1 week of the date of the retreat (minus the $297 deposit)

Email Alicia for more information and to apply, at