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Transformational Dance Journey

Come move your bodies to Sahara Dawn's transformational electronic music that will be accompanied by Keshua Lee on percussion. Ariana Michelle will bless us with her breathtaking aerial performance to transition us to seamlessly meld into a sound journey with permeating sonic vibrational acoustic sound performed by Sahara and Keshua. Healing both the visceral and the soul body for those who come drink the hot sacred cacao with us. We will be playing Ngoni African Harp, over 15 Alchemy Crystal Bowls by Crystal Tones, Shamanic Trance Inducing Drumming, teleporting vocals, gentle percussive soundscapes, chimes and sacred flute.

Date: October 11th
Time: 7PM-10PM
Vali Soul Sanctuary
6717 Valmont Rd
Boulder CO 80301
Cash at the door is always welcome! Please RSVP though so we know how much Ceremonial Cacao to make.

Sahara Dawn has been a musician and healer ever since being first inspired by sufi persian poetry and her family's traditional music as a young girl in Tehran, Iran. After exploring the underground scene at home she moved to London to further study and develop her passion for music. Fascinated by both the parallelism and divergence of music across the globe, she traveled across the globe to seek out the furthest reaches of human expression, in forms such as triphop, downtempo, world beat, glitch, sacred intonations, and avant-garde. She intricately weaves these healing energies bringing people together through the freeing discovery of transcendental divine connection.
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Keshua has been playing percussive music for over 30 years. She has been a Reiki Master for over 20 years and has been doing ritual music, sound journeys & sound healings since 2016. She plays everything from full drum set to a large variety of percussion.

The Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls Keshua will be playing are made only with the purest American quartz crystal and the finest in gemstones, healing and high resonance minerals, as well as precious metals such as 24 karat gold, silver and platinum. These singing bowls emit powerful healing resonances, and are unlike anything else you may have experienced. Learn more about the healing bowls at:

In sound journeys she incorporates a variety of instruments, including medicine drum & rattles, tank, handpan, sound bowls, flutes, chimes, shakers, rain sticks, harp and more. She has been performing on the Festival Circuit for several years at the Arise Festival (CO), Tribal Vision Festival (NM),Oregon Eclipse Festival (OR), Lightning in a Bottle (CA) and Sonic Bloom (CO). She has played live with Xerephine, Daniel Hansen of Rootflute, musicians from Elephant Revival and Luna Fire, Sahara Dawn, Eric Mandala, Leonardo Armijo and Nate Hancock.

Ariana has been dancing from the heart and into the sky for 8 years. Blending ceremony with story-telling and powerful acrobatics, she brings a captivating energy to the stage. Ariana also teaches at Shining Mountain Waldorf School, directs 2 annual youth circus programs, and is passionate about environmental activism.
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We are so blessed to work with a Cacao that has such a unique origin. This Organic Cacao Medicine is grown by Mayan farmers and indigenous communities of Guatemala. This strain of Cacao is known to be 5,000 years old, and comes from the deepest heart of Mayan Tradition, and the First Peoples of that land.

There are yoga mats and blankets at the Center for those that do not have a mat. Though please bring your own yoga mats, blankets, and pillows, so as to allow the maximum level of comfort and ease. Let’s all get cozy and to allow ourselves to enter a space of deep relaxation and healing!

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