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Pagan Ritual (Dance) Party #3

This is the third Pagan Ritual Party of 2019! Camping passes available with meals included (dinner and breakfast, provided by ISH).

Costumes encouraged: Dress in themes related to the Aesir and Vanir gods & goddesses, elves, fairies, wizards, sorceresses and Vikings!

*Ritual, blessings, sacred space
*Live Music all night with Buddha Bomb, Totem, Treaphort & more!
*Food and drink for feasting and revelry, served all night and the following Saturday AM
*Rune readings, tarot readings, massage, and vendors with magical items
*Live artists paintings; fire spinners welcomed; professional dance performances


6:03pm - 6:45pm - Blessing/Vetrablot and opening ritual - honor the traditions, gods and goddesses of your Northern ancestors, and the ancestors themselves. Prepare to be smudged, blessed, and participate in-circle with reverence as we remember the old ways and anchor that light into our modern culture. Invocations and offerings at the Vetrnaetr - Winter Nights Altar.

6:45-7:30 Permaculture Lecture / Presentation for the Winter Nights/harvest season by award-winning local regenerative farmer & permaculture designer Nick DiDomenico, concluding with a Humanitree Human/Tree Planting Ritual where 3 participants will be chosen to be planted up their knees in Mother Earth, watered, blessed, and have the opportunity to meditate before being dug up and having a Linden tree, tree of the goddess Freyja, planted in their place.

***Music/DJ schedule:
7:30-8:15 - music begins with Native Nate
8:15-9:00 - FathAUM
9:00-9:45 - DJ TEAFLOW w/Divinity Dance performance!

9:45 - 11:00pm -Treaphort
11:00-12:30am - Buddha Bomb
12:30-2:00am - Totem w/Fierce Le Fey performance!

2:00am onwards - Commune, relax, and pray by the fires. Skol!

***DJ lineup and guest presenters include***

∞Ubbe MacLean is a local healer, educator, life coach, energy worker, and practitioner of Asatru. One of his goals is to educate and bring the spiritual and shamanistic traditions of the Northern Ancestors back to their descendants in the West. Ubbe is the great grandson of Ubbe Ragnarson and his family proudly flies the Black Raven Banner at various homes across three states in the US.

•Totem takes the listener on a journey through cosmic sound-scapes, delivering tribal beat and complex bass synthesis. He is truly a sound wizard dedicated to offering healing to the audience willing to receive. His sweeping bass waves and finely-tailored beat frequencies entice a deeper understanding to the nature of our subtle existence.

•Treaphort cultivates a positive, uplifting and present space through organic electronic sound. Vibrations of meditative patterning bring the listener to a platform of direct experience while maintaining a playfully light vibe.

•Buddha Bomb: A direct descendant of the great god Neptune, Buddha Bomb left that planet for Worldly pursuits. Buddha Bomb quickly became disillusioned with our World. Earth was good, although a little flat. Something was missing and Buddha Bomb was determined to find it. Listen to Buddha Bomb spin Psytrance, Chill, Ambient, IDM, Old School, and other forms of Electronic Music. Whether on the Radio or playing in front of a Live Audience, Buddha Bomb gives it his All – ALL for your listening pleasure, that is!

•TeaFlow: Hailing from Minnesota, TeafLow has been mixing delectable blends of his low end selections in recent years; steeped in the dankest herbs and vibes for your enjoyment.

•Native Nate: Native Nate on the dub plate, comin’ straight thru from the star gate.

•Fierce Le Fay: Zoe Clare -- Zoë has been writing poetry from the moment she learned the existence of 'poetic license'. With the support and inspiration of many language teachers throughout her formative years, she has been pushing grammatical boundaries, making up words, and setting her life to the tone of a constant metaphor. She has self-published 3 compilations of work,"Growing Up Bored - 2005", "Poetry the Size of My House - 2007", and "Transubstantiation - 2009". Most recently, you'll find her words wrapped in the mysteries of Sound Design.

•Nick DiDomenico is a regenerative farmer, permaculture designer, earth worshipper and spiritualist born and raised in Boulder Colorado. Nick currently manages Elk Run, awarded 2019 Permaculture Project of the Year by the Colorado Permaculture guild. Pushing the limits of ecological farming in the arid plains, Elk Run is also the home of nonprofit Drylands Agroecology Research, where Nick and his team have successfully established over 2,000 fruit and useful trees without irrigation as well as providing virtually all of their food and medicine needs while practicing and reviving indigenous farming practices.

•Angelia LaRue is a Certified Master Crystologist and Energy Practitioner, which to her are modern words for ancient knowledge which has never been lost. Additionally, Angelia uses knowledge from masters like Nicola Tesla and Wilhelm Reich and previous epochs to make items which produce and circulate subtle energy. She creates these items for those who are aware of the energy, and desire to always have it near them for their health, well-being and evolution of consciousness. Read more:

•Divinity Dance will be back for another rousing performance and private dances throughout the night to warm your blood as the Winter Nights approach!

***Food, Jun, & Elixirs by ISH’S BREW ( and Raw Vegan Foods from THRIVE Raw Vegan Restaurant (

About Ish’s Brew:

Ish is a master chef and alchemist who has been working in the food and beverage industry for over 20 years. But it is not his experience or exquisite culinary skills that make his work masterful and the taste of his food and drinks amazing; It is his attention, knowledge and care for the cultivation of the foods themselves that sets him apart from your basic master chef. Ish chooses to only serve the best foods available, therefore he prefers wild harvested foods.

Ish and his brew elves have over many years figured out how to honor the ancient traditions of culture brewing. Through careful experimentation and research they have developed a one of a kind process for extracting and delivering you the most essential life force of the herbs hand selected into every batch. This multi layered extraction process works on not only the physical, emotional, energetic levels; Ish brings in the often neglected, cosmo-synchronistic-psychic frequency too.

So not only are Ish’s brews known throughout the galaxy as the bees knees elixirs for calling in the divine realms into your daily life, they are also known to be the tastiest, most satisfying liquid delicacies this side of the milky way.


Winter Nights/Vetrablot: In the Old Icelandic Calendar, winter begins on the Satyrday between Hunting 11th and 17th. Winter Nights celebrates the bounty of the harvest and honors Freya and the fertility and protective spirits called Disir, that She leads (often the Disir are seen as our female ancestors). Give glory to Freya and pour a libation of ale, milk, or mead into the soil an offering to the Disir and the Earth itself.

The festival is also called "Elf-Blessing", "Dis-Blessing", or "Frey-Blessing", which tells us that it was especially a time of honoring the ancestral spirits, the spirits of the land, the Vanir, and the powers of fruitfulness, wisdom, and death.

It marks the turning of the year from summer to winter, the turning of our awareness from outside to inside. Among the Norse, the ritual was often led by the elder woman of a family - the ruler of the house and all within.

One of the MOST common harvest customs of the Germanic people was the hallowing and leaving of the "Last Sheaf" in the field, often for Odin and/or his host of the dead, though the specifics of the custom vary considerably over its wide range.

The Wild Hunt begins after Winter nights, and the roads and fields no longer belong to humans, but to ghosts and trolls.
The Winter nights feast is also especially seen as a time to celebrate our kinship and friendship with both the living and our earlier forebears. It marks the beginning of the long dark winter time at which memory becomes more important than foresight, and when old tales are told and great deeds are toasted as we ready ourselves for the spring to come. It is a time to think of accomplishments achieved and those which have yet to be made. Winter nights also marks the beginning of a time of indoor work, thought and craftsmanship.

This festival and feast celebrated the accessibility, veneration, awe, and respect of the dead. This was also a time for contemplation. To the ancient Germanic people, death was never very far away, and it was viewed as a natural and necessary part of life. To die was not as much of a surprise or tragedy it is in modern times and death was not viewed as something "scary" or "evil". Of higher importance to the Germanic people was to live & die with honor and thereby live on in the memory of the tribe to be honored at this great feast.

Starting on this night, the great divisions between the worlds was somewhat diminished which can allow the forces of chaos to invade the realms of order, the material world conjoining with the world of the dead. This was the beginning of the Wild hunt, in which the restless spirits of the dead and those yet to be born walked amongst the living. The dead could return to the places where they had lived and food and entertainment were provided in their honor. In this way, the tribes were at one with their past, present and future.

(Another example of changing the Germanic Heathen calendar to convert more pagans to Christianity. Winter nights on October 31st became "All Hallows Eve" and November 1st was declared "All Saint's Day”.)

We hereby claim these holidays in the positive traditions of our Northern ancestors! Hail the Aesir and Vanir! Hail the Ancestors!

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