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Outdoor Flower Healing Ceremony

7 PM on August 12th
Vali Soul Sanctuary in Boulder

Receive the energy of flowers to be filled up, release stagnation, and bring in the vibrancy of joy, love, and healing.

Outdoor flower healing ceremonies welcome beauty, connection, and deep healing into our lives. Join us for the beautiful Brazilian tradition of limpezas, or spiritual cleansings, using sacred herbalism and energy healing. We will be preparing the herb wash, or banho in Portuguese, for the Vali Soul Sanctuary that generously shares its space with our community ceremonies. The herb wash uses the 7 Orixá Herbs, or Sete Ervas in Portuguese, including rose, bay leaf, lavender, fern, and more.

To spiritually cleanse the space and those in attendance, we will work with the feminine water lines of the Orixás Oxum and Yemanjá using sacred song in the outdoors. After the outdoor ceremony, we will head inside and hold traditional energy healing in the lines of Orixás/Caboclos without consults.

After the ceremony, we will have Yemanjá and Oxum candle bundles and 7 Orixá Herbs for sale with detailed instruction so that you can learn the Sete Ervas recipe, prepare it, and use it to wash yourself, your loved ones, and your space. We will also have other Orixá and spiritual merchandise for devotional altars, sacred herbalims, and spiritual work for sale.

This is our giving back to the Vali Soul Ceremony space and a chance for us to share with you African-Braziilan spirituality’s simple approach to using flowers and herbs to bring balance, beauty, and connection to our lives.

$10-$20 donation at the door and RVSP and kindly requested at