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Sleepover Extravaganza Ecstatic Dance Campout

Do you ❤ to Ecstatically Dance? Campout? Have Community? Do Contact Improv? Play Games? Body Paint? Bonfire with Marshmallow Roasting? Cacao Ceremony & So much more!

Look no further, this is the event for you! Come & sleep under the 🌟s or cuddle puddle, under the dome sanctuary.

The whole event will begin with a opening circle ceremony & move to Contact Improv class outside in nature/Freeze Tag as we transition into a cacao ceremony then potluck snack & share with a permaculture polyculture talk held by Joel Davis.

Then ECSTATIC DANCE till 2am!!!!
After relax by Community bonfire 🔥

🔹 Activities
~Ecstatic DANCING 👣 (7hrs of music)
~Community Bonfire
~Contact Improv Class...(5pm-6pm) Tammy Beattie
~Opening Cacao Ceremony...(6:30pm-7pm) Kalea Moon
~Permaculture Polyculture...(7pm-9pm) Joel Roth Davis
~Tea Pouring Table...(11:30pm-1am) Jess Robinson
~Potluck & Snack Share
~Free Psychic Readings by Psychic Horizons Center
~Massage/RaikiTable Rebekah Hunter
~Live Painting Offered by Gabriel Stallings
~Body Painting/Tribal Markers 🎨 Ransom Waring & Matthew Fredricey
~Freeze Tag & Pillow Fights
~Starlight Sage Sangha Circle by Kim Jablonski
~Painting and Play Area
~Morning Sound Healing...(8:15am-9am) by Sunjay Hegde
~Morning Ecstatic Dance...(9am-11am)
🌰🍂🌼 Closing Circle...( 11am-11:30am)

Kid friendly♥️ kids under 12 are $5.

🌟 3 live sets.... 7hrs of music!

🔹️DJ ::🍃 Treaphort 🌳(9pm-11pm)
Rob Treaphort
Opening Ecstatic Dance

Treaphort cultivates a positive, uplifting and present space through organic electronic sound. Vibrations of meditative patterning bring the listener to a platform of direct experience while maintaining a playfully light vibe.
- -

🔹️DJ ::🌀DeVine (11:30pm-2am)
David DeVine
Late Night Ecstatic Dance

DJ DeVine is ready to bring some musical medicine to the Vali Soul Sanctuary. This night we invite you to dive deep into yourself, your dance, and your soul. Come enjoy the night as we will explore the musical worlds of temple bass, world percussion, and electronic nectar. Yummi...

🔹️DJ :: Totem ☄(9am-11am)
Phoenix Clay Hollingsworth
MORNING Ecstatic Dance

Totem is the solo project of Boulder based producer, Phoenix Clay Michael. Phoenix has been playing eastern-style instrumentation for over a decade(tabla, doumbek, darbuki, didgeridoo, ric, native flute etc). With Totem, Phoenix explores the digital domain with rich melodies, psychedelic synths, and exotic instrumentation. Totem culminates these two passions into a modern interpretation of ancient instruments. The sampling style is deep and visceral. Blending sequences of thick bass and instrumentation with live production. Live production includes: Didgeridoo, vocals, synth, keyboard, percussion, and bass. Phoenix's debut album with Totem is titled, The Bonfire of Life, and was written as a motion of solidarity with the native tribes of North America. Totem sees the immense potency that dance has for healing in our culture, and also sees the reverent nature of ancient and native style music. The ultimate thrill is fusing these two things into a continuous musical experience shared amongst listener and maker. Totem is humbled to bring thy dance medication. Aho

🔹️Free Psychic Readings
W/ Psychic Horizons Center

Students from the Psychic Horizons Center will be offering free 10-15 minute clairvoyant readings about topics of your choice. The Psychic Horizons Center offers a safe haven for sensitive souls to develop their own psychic abilities so that they may find the truth and the answers they seek this lifetime.

🔹️️Contact Improv class (5pm-6pm)
by Tammy Beattie

Somatically exploring our inner and outer senses, moving to feel, moving to connect, moving in joy. Come and practice the physical manifestation of creating and cultivating these spaces where we may, dynamically expanding, into are n8ow!!! as exploration thrive. Walking on Edges, building informed boundaries as we play with our inner child. Contact improv can helps you grow your dances by exploring new ways of sharing weight and finding delight in somatic connection to oneself!

🔹️Cacao Ceremony (6:30pm-7pm)
by Kalea Moon

Join us in a sacred circle as we dive into our heart center, nourishing the body, mind, and spirit, with the healing spirit cacao carries through our temple.
Feel the weight lifted, and the heart expand, as Kalea guides us through with set intentions, followed by a brief but intimate meditation. Experience the grounding, yet uplifting energy, as we are kissed with cacaos blessings. Integrating the collective into a calm, connected, and blissful state of being.

🔹️Permaculture of Polyamory Talk (7pm-9pm)
by Joel Roth Davis

(Polycultures in Love and Relationship)
Open Discussions & Snack Share Time!

Joel Roth Davis is the founder and managing director of Festival Medical, a 501c3 non-profit designed to provide emergency response, holistic healing, we llness training workshops, and comprehensive harm reduction services at festivals and community events.
Since earning his Permaculture Design Certificate in 2011, Joel has strived to integrate these lessons into all aspects of his life. Through the lens of the 12 principles of permaculture we will explore why so many of our relationships tend to be unfulfilling in the long run and how an expanded view of relating can greatly enhance and restore our own personal ecosystems.

🔹️Mornning Sound Healer (8:15am-9am)
by Sunjay Hegde

"Being drawn to music at an early age, Sunjay was engulfed in sound and started playing piano at 5. Since then, he has learned a variety of instruments and utilizes the voice for singing and hip-hop. He has also been learning music production in recent days. As the collective awakening continued, Sunjay dove into Shamanic and Tibetan Buddhist practices and through those studies, he was inevitably lead to the studies of sound healing. Certified as a practitioner in November 2017, Sunjay has been practicing and expanding his awareness of this healing modality. Sound Jay was born as the conduit for his musical creations and tools. Tuned into love, the heart guides the soul back home in harmony."

🔹️Items to bring

~Tent, sleeping bag & pillow
~Cup, Plate, Bowl & Utensils
~A snack to share
~H2O & Water Bottle
~Anything else you feel that would enhance you're comfort!

🔹️️3 ticket prices

🌟$48.00 Whole Event( price goes up @ the door)
Tickets can be purchased at top of page using PayPal. When payment is received you will be sent a confirmation email and put on the guest list!

🌟 $28.00 Evening (5pm-11pm)
Opening circle ceremony, Contact Improv outside/Freeze Tag, cacao ceremony, a potluck & snack share with a permaculture polyculture talk held by Joel Davis and ecstatic dance till 11 p.m.

🌟$15.00 Morning (7:30am-11:30am)
Tea/Coffee & snacks
Morning sound healing ceremony &
Ecstatic dance W/ DJ :: Totem

🔹Keeping it green!
Doing our own dishes.
Public cleaning station, Where you can bring your dirty dishes to be cleaned & Used again.

🔹️Address:: 6717 Valmont rd
Boulder, Colorado 80301

August 17th & 18th 2019
@ Vali Soul Sanctuary
Questions? Please message!

⛺See you all soon!!!