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Bring your own Breakables Breathwork

Join us on Sunday, September 15th at Vali Soul Sanctuary for Bring Your Own Breakables Breathwork Event.

This powerful event will guide you through a cathartic, emotional, deep release and heart opening journey.

If you are ready to release rage, grief, anger, sadness, frustration and/or old stories this workshop is for you. We will be empowering you to dive into and release deep emotions through ceremony, movement, breaking things (yes, I said breaking things), breathwork, art and processing…in a very safe container.

Breathwork is a powerful somatic process that allows individuals to experience deep healing and transformation on a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical level. Using a connected circular breathing technique in conjunction with activating chakra attuned music, this process supports individuals in releasing outdated programming, unhealthy patterns and behaviors, and limiting beliefs.

This workshop provides a safe and sacred container that allows individuals to get the breakthrough and release that is needed to move forward towards greater love, inner wisdom, healing and transformation.
Cost is $90. Spaces are limited so register soon.
Pay via Eventbrite or Venmo @ Eva-Nelson-2.
Bring to Event: Breakables could include: plates, cups, pottery, etc. Safety glasses (couple of dollars at Home Depot) and gloves.

Also bring water, sack lunch, snacks, a pillow, blanket, and an eye mask or something to put over your eyes.
Email if you have any questions and/or if the price is limiting your attendance.