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Stress Relieving Sound Journey

Join us for a deeply relaxing, stress relieving two hour immersive into sound and movement where we will be indulging in all the richness and heat from a ceremonial dose of cacao and lucid dreaming herbs while we move from yoga play, to savasana into yoga nidra and journey together through sound and vibration.

Our sound journey will be led by quartz crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, flute, chimes, rattles with trance inducing drumming and gentle percussive sound scapes that will lead you on a journey of surrender and discovery. Shannon and Keshua have been leading these Sound Journeys together since 2017.

Where: Vali Soul Sanctuary, Boulder, CO
Pre-Pay Tickets: Sliding Scale $25-$40
Student Tickets $20 pay at the door with ID

We are so blessed to work with a Cacao that has a unique origin. This medicine is a 5,000 year old strain grown organically in Guatemala by Mayans. These are people of the land, and their connection to the Cacao is reflected in the powerful medicine that now carries us through these sound journeys.

There are yoga mats at the the sanctuary, though please bring your own yoga mats, blanket and pillow to be super comfy!

Later Event: March 9
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