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Veneration of Ogum Once Annual Festa!

We warmly invite you to our annual celebration of Ogum, Warrior & Conqueror, found in nature as the power of the volcano and the fierce compassion of Ogum Beira Mar at the edge of the sea.

To honor the Orisha Ogum, you are welcome to bring a piece of fruit (red apple or mango) to place on the altar. The food is blessed during the work and eaten afterwards to welcome more strength and compassion into our bodies, our lives, and our community. Ogum is a beloved energy in West African religion, and this year 2019 is year of Father Ogum, providing a potent container for the change this Orisha can bring.

After receiving energy healing in the line of Ogum, receive a one-on-one spoken consult with a trained medium in the line of Preto Velho.

$10-$20 donation and RSVP kindly requested.
You MUST RSVP here to confirm a one-on-one spoken consult with a trained Umbanda medium


Later Event: May 13
Sound Journey and Ceremony