About the Teacher

Jackson draws from a lifetime of study in Martial Arts and Biomechanics in order to provide top-quality coaching for his students and clients. His intention in teaching is to serve the highest good for all beings, and specifically to facilitate the empowerment of each individual student so they may expand into their own deepest Self-Realization.

His education in Movement Arts has been ongoing for the last 30+ years. Even since early childhood, he has always integrated the spiritual and meditative practices at the root of the martial arts without ignoring the mundane mechanical physics of movement.
The various educational and professional wells of experience from which he draws are too numerous to list here, but a handful of the most influential might include teaching Tai Chi to Parkinson's patients as part of a research project at the University of Florida, thousands of hours of study in Coaching both as a Yoga instructor and Personal Trainer, and more than a decade as a professional Sports Therapist specializing in medical massage and injury rehabilitation. Showing others a path and a method to take ownership of their wellness is one of the most fulfilling, deepest joys in his life.