Reoccurring Gatherings & Classes

The studio host many teachers and these few have classes on a regular basis. Presented below are descriptions of what can always be found. Every tab has a direct link about more information.


Bhakti Shakti Kirtan

Bhakti Shakti Kirtan offers donation-based weekly gatherings where participants share a direct experience of vibrational attunement through Satsang, Meditation and Chanting ancient yogic sounds set to contemporary live music, in One Heart-opening voice, aligning with our True Divine Nature.

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Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan
10am - 11:30am

Every Monday morning join us for a powerful beginning to the week!

This class is taught by one of our teachers, Chris Walker, Ana Walker and Guru Raj Khalsa on a rotating cycle. Each of these teachers have studied Kundalini Yoga and have their own unique syllabus and teaching style. The classes are not in a series form so drop in yoga practitioners of all levels of skill are welcome.

Sat Nam,

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Gira de Umbanda: Afro-Brazilian Healing
Every Other Monday
Nicole Kennerly And
 Cyro Estevao Freire de Lima
7 - 9 pm

Benefit from the help offered by the Afro-Brazilian animistic tradition of Umbanda!

In Brazil, people attend ceremonies of Umbanda for guidance, belonging, grounding, and help in many areas of life including relationships, work, physical illness, and spiritual problems. This gathering is an authentic spiritual ceremony with the opportunity to receive energy healing and a spoken private consultation with spiritual guides. Because Umbanda has at its roots African Traditional Religion melded with the practices of the Indigenous peoples of Brazil, Kardecism, and Catholicism, this is a highly inclusive community with a strong embodiment of divinity.

Join us to feel the power, beauty, and richness of the Orixas!"


With Marissa Yoko (Ixstar)
Every Other Tuesday
6:30pm - 8pm

Exploring the art of Ritual, Movement and Sound.

We will create sacred space and explore the interconnectivity of creative movement, dance, storytelling, ritual, prayer, sound healing, channeling, releasing, and much more ♥ 

Wear something comfortable, feel free to dress up as much as you like! Just make sure it is dance-able!!!

Class exchange is 
$15 drop in
$100-$111 (sliding scale) for 8 class punch card!


Alchemia Dance Class
With Laurie Pemberton
Every 3rd Wednesday
$10 Donation

Every 3rd Wednesday of the month, Join Laurie Pemberton at our Sanctuary and experience the connective Alchemia Dance.

Alchemia Dance is the Transformative movement designed to facilitate dynamic, conscious connection between body/mind and higher consciousness.

Donation of 10$

Learn more at

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Just Dance
With Community Link
Every Wednesday
10:30- 11:30am
$5 Donation

DANCEmandala Event general.jpg

with Lauren Pass
Bi-monthly Sessions
Sliding Scale $10-20, cash only at door
7-9pm - No entry after 7:15pm

DANCEmandala is a free-form movement-meditation. With carefully curated music and gentle verbal facilitation, follow your body's intuitive wisdom. There is no right or wrong way to move. In this eyes-closed practice, you will journey inward to explore different layers of your embodied experience. While the theme of each dance will vary, the structure follows a consistent pattern, guiding you through stages of dance including balance, joyful release, heart expansion, and a finally stillness.  

Facilitated by local dancer, artist, counselor-in-training, and certified DANCEmandala facilitator Lauren Pass Erickson.For more information, see facebook.comdancemandalaLauren or

"It is a method of moving meditation that encourages natural and authentic self-expression, re-connection to one's core essence, one's creative life force, awareness and equanimity." - AK Tri-siddha, founder of DANCEmandala 

Upcoming Dates:
January 12th and 18th
February 1st and 15th
March 1st, 15th, and 22nd
April 5th, 19th, and 26th
May 9th


Community Breathwork with Medicinal Mindfulness
With Daniel McQueen
Every 2 weeks on Thursday

Join us as we celebrate our human potential of transformation, healing and awakening through our own breath. Combining live music and a transpersonally aligned breathwork practice to enter an inner world of the imagination and somatic experience leads to deep transformation, physical, emotional and spiritual healing, and encounters with the numinous and divine.

Community Breathwork is grounded in safe and therapeutic breathwork technique, combining important holotropic and rebirthing breathwork theories and practices. Community Breathwork is the most affordable and accessible breathwork program in the area, meeting twice a month on Thursday evenings. We are the only ongoing breathwork practice in the area with live music facilitation. 

To introduce the work to new community members, first time participants receive their second breathwork session for free with the purchase of a ticket to get the most benefit from starting a practice. Starting now, all returning breathers will get this deal as a big thank you for supporting our program over the years. Purchase a pack of 3 or 5 passes for additional discounts. These packs transfer to our other events and are semi-transferable (meaning you can bring a friend).

Facilitated by Daniel McQueen, MA, lead facilitator of Medicinal Mindfulness and a team of breathwork facilitators. Music Facilitators: Joe Donnellan and Justin Fogel of Nibumbu

What to bring: Please come hydrated, healthy and well rested. You’ll want to bring a water bottle, comfortable clothes in layers, a yoga mat or cushioned mat if you have one, a blanket, pillow for your head, and possibly one for under your knees, and something to cover your eyes with. Some participants also bring a journal to take notes after their experience.

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Shamanic Journeying
with Tracy Shulsinger
Usually First Thursday

This is a shamanic journeying circle for those who already have a shamanic journeying practice or who have completed The Introduction to Shamanic Journeying Workshop. If you are interested in this circle but don’t have experience with shamanic journeying, come to an Introduction to Shamanic Journeying workshop, and then join us, or contact me for other options!

There are 4 components to this gathering.

Part I: Body
We begin by connecting with our bodies, getting more present and connecting with the group through embodiment practices like trance dance, 4 elements ritual, meditation, drumming & rattling.

Part II: Mind
Explore shamanic teachings. The “journey group theme” will be presented to us by my guides.  There will be a short teaching regarding this theme. This theme is different each month.

(see the calendar to verify)

Part III: Spirit
Journeying intentions will be offered that relate to the theme of the evening.
The journeying intentions that are offered are optional. If the intentions don’t call to you, please journey on your own intention. There will be 2-3 journeys.

Part IV: Transfiguration Healing Ceremony
Transfiguration is a simple yet powerful practice for self, others and environmental healing.  After learning to transfigure at the journey group one can easily continue this practice at home daily.


The results are incredible!


Please refer to calendar for specific dates